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2 Dic. 2020

PRODUCT ELIGIBILITY: Plans cover products purchased in the last 30 days. 家族でのプレゼント交換に購入。 何日もかけて予算以内のプロジェクターを片っ端から調べてこちらに決めました。 知識皆無な私が色々調べて判断基準にした項目は、 ルーメン 対応解消度 スピーカー接続可能か そこそこ満足できるスピーカー内蔵か 口コミ評価で星の少ない評価の有無と内容 一番の決め手はルーメンと解消度の高さです。投影できる白壁が結構大きく確保できるので、折角なら大画面にしたい!でも画質が荒くなるのは嫌だし、音も大事。 セールで割引と自分のポイント全部はたき、何とか皆で決めた予算チョイ超えで収まるので、こちらに決定。 FIRE TV... 家族でのプレゼント交換に購入。 何日もかけて予算以内のプロジェクターを片っ端から調べてこちらに決めました。 知識皆無な私が色々調べて判断基準にした項目は、 ルーメン 対応解消度 スピーカー接続可能か そこそこ満足できるスピーカー内蔵か 口コミ評価で星の少ない評価の有無と内容 一番の決め手はルーメンと解消度の高さです。投影できる白壁が結構大きく確保できるので、折角なら大画面にしたい!でも画質が荒くなるのは嫌だし、音も大事。 セールで割引と自分のポイント全部はたき、何とか皆で決めた予算チョイ超えで収まるので、こちらに決定。 FIRE TV STICも半額だったので、それと変換コードもセットにし、プレゼント交換後直ぐに試せるようにしました。これは予算オーバー笑。 そして!アミダで大学生の息子のがゲットしましたが、大喜びで、早速家族でプライムビデオを鑑賞。 もう、ホントに買ってよかった。感動です。 160✖️300程の大きさに投影していますが、とても綺麗で迫力があり、大変満足。 嵐のコンサートBlu-rayも投影してみましたが、ヤバイです。. The only trick might be your projector’s unique flavor of menus and controls. Many readers will already have their projector in hand, so you’ll be pleased to hear that just because your projector doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in doesn’t mean you can’t use a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Sorry about it. Question: what sort of power source would they need to be connected to? Required fields are marked *. Built-in speaker, provide original audio fidelity and fills your room with impressive, overwhelming sound, enhance your immersion in the movie experience. You can do this with the laptop on or off, though eventually you do need to turn it on. EASY CLAIMS PROCESS: File a claim anytime online or by phone. It took me a moment to connect the WiFi/Mirroring function but I got it connected. Iphone / Ipad: use a lighting- VGA/ HDMI adapter to connect, also after both phone and projector connected by cable, please press “INPUT” or “SOURCE” button on the remote control or on the projector to select “VGA”/ “HDMI”. Please use a different way to share. A: The projector came today and my 12 year old daughter set it up with her laptop and had youtube filling my dining room wall within minutes. Your mileage may vary when it comes to connecting units like this: the lack of a screen or any other controls can make connecting them to a speaker somewhat complicated, but you’re still just a few instruction booklet pages away from having your speaker set up. Includes initial monthly payment and selected options. star projector Enjoy Unbounded & Humanized Design:Smart projector upgrade noise reduction technology, built-in speaker, provide original audio fidelity and fills your room with impressive, overwhelming sound, enhance your immersion in the movie experience. Although there are very effective solutions for wireless video (such as wireless HDMI kits and simply using streaming sticks like Roku or Fire Sticks), audio remains a complicated affair. How do I connect my Elephas projector to my iPhone? You might even spot a Bluetooth logo somewhere on the projector itself, but there’s no guarantee. Connect your laptop’s external video connector to the video projector. QKK Mini Projector. The P300 Pico Projector produces excellent picture quality with a default 1280×800 HD… Use a port for HDMI only. Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2020. 本体が新品なのか疑いたくなるような状態で手垢がついていたり本体がこすられたような跡があったりしました。. Connecting speakers to your projector can be a huge hassle. Hook up to headphone/ outer speakers via Audio port. There was a problem adding this item to Cart. However, if you want to stream Netflix, etc, you will need to use a chromecast or something similar. Wide Compatibility Projector, a great movie device for family. ELEPHAS phone projector has thought about it, no expensive adapter needed, you can connect projector to your iPhone with a original cable line easily. It’s fitted with the latest WIFI connection, allowing you to enjoy endless entertainment from your iPhone, Android phone, or Windows 10. So this Elephas home theater projector is very easy to take anywhere you go, and very easy to set-up. ELEPHAS phone projector has thought about it, no expensive adapter needed, you can connect the projector to your iPhone with an original cable line easily. One thing to watch out for here is that, at least for now, Bluetooth capability in a projector tends to be more common in cheaper portable-style projectors. This is the projector are you looking for? Thank you very much for your question. The 10 best projectors to buy in the UK. However, there’s one technology that, although originally developed for cell phones, has found a new application in home theater projectors: Bluetooth. This isn’t standard for all projectors, although it’s starting to become more common. This can save you time and money which you now won’t have to spend managing some other speaker solution. Locate the appropriate cable to connect your external speakers, such as a stereo mini-jack-to-pin-jack cable, or another type of cable or adapter. Error posting question. The Home Theater DIY is a place for me to share my different findings and experiences about home theaters and home electronics. If the projector has a "DVI/HDMI" port do not use it. You can read our complete legal information for more details. Sorry. For instance, the LG Ultra Short Throw LED Home Theater Projector (on Amazon) has Bluetooth out, but doesn’t have a battery and definitely isn’t designed to be carted around. Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2020. This was reasonably priced with all the bells and whistles I wanted. 20th November 2019 eduard butler Nice projector with great resolution the higher lumens definitely improve the video quality greatly. The size of the projector seemed a little larger than I expected from the word "mini" in the title, but it's not too large for our purposes. Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2020. ELEPHAS projector can work well with Amazon Fire TV/ Roku Streaming Stick/ Laptop/ Blue-Ray DVD player/ PS3/ PS4/ Xbox/ TV box via HDMI input. I will also say the brightness is not bad either, it's worked alright for that as well. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. What I like most about this projector is how is handle's screen mirroring. Please try again later. There are lots of places your audio/video source might be coming from. With Bluetooth speaker quality as high as it is nowadays, you should be good to go! If you want a versatile mini projector for indoor or outdoor use, the … If you’ve got an HDMI signal coming from your computer, for instance, you can probably use the Bluetooth in the computer to connect directly to the Bluetooth speaker, and this may even be a more robust option since you might want to use the computer with the speaker when it’s not connected to the projector. COVERAGE: Plan starts on the date of purchase. Another thing I really like about this is it comes with its own adjustable tripod, which stands at a pretty tall height so that really makes it easier for placing. Recommend to use in a dark environment for the best performance. If you make a purchase through links from this website, we may get a small share of the sale from Amazon and other similar affiliate programs. 1 x HDMI Cable / 1 x AV Cable, 1 x Remote Control / 1 x Power Cable. Please try again later. I’m sharing this as... Projector works as described, mirroring what is on your device. On the other hand, this high grade latest projector is made in a compact and portable design. Elephas W13 smart projector upgrade noise reduction technology, and have a fast heat dissipation, even if you use it for a long time, it won't get hot, just a little warm. Kindly ensure this is selected and once you do this there would be a green checkmark on option - "HDMI Output" Malfunctions covered after the manufacturer's warranty. Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2020. Once you’ve confirmed your projector has Bluetooth built-in, the setup shouldn’t be that different from connecting a Bluetooth speaker up to your phone or another device. - is very portable - comes with a tripod stand, with adjustable height which is super helpful - all the connectors you need. It's super easy to just use the built in wifi to connect to your phone and it actually works with ios devices as well not just android. It's in the top 3 bestselling projectors and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Topvision T23 or Dell 1409X.. Elephas W90 was released last year in October. Can use at dusk but best in dark. Make sure these connections are tight. However, many people will encounter the problem of connecting the projector via HDMI cable without signal. I like that it included a tripod and remote in the box, too, so you could sit it on the floor or ceiling mount the projector. Design for Feeling & Specialty Support: Versatile and portable video projector, quipped with VGA/USB/HDMI/AV/SD/Audio/Wireless Connect, compatible with Roku Stick, Fire-TV, Chromecast, External Speakers, USB Disk, PS4/XBOX, Laptop/PC, DVD Player, Mobile Phone/iPad. EXPERT TECH HELP: Real experts available 24/7 to help with set-up, connectivity issues, troubleshooting and much more. For most presentations, sound effects would play an important role especially if the presentation is for educational purposes or if the projector is used for video games or movies. $20.00 extra savings coupon applied at checkout. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Select an appropriate audio cable to connect your projector to your soundbar. Connect the audio cable included with the projector to the audio "out" port on the laptop and the audio "in" port on the projector. (*We also have another native 720P projector sale on Amazon, If you are interested in it, you can click our brand store to check.). Q: The cooling system on this device also means that it continues to perform well for longer. The Elephas portable projector comes with speakers built-in, for stunning sound effects, and you can also connect a home theatre system with the 3.5mm output too. It took me a moment to connect the WiFi/Mirroring function but I got it connected. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges. Big screen experience—the 720P projection size is 44 – 200 inches with distance 4.9 – 18 feet, the best viewing distance is 10 feet with 98 inches. Convenient for you to enjoy free life anytime and anywhere. So, now you probably know what you need to take the next step. Once connected, you can use this setup just as if the projector had Bluetooth built-in. You may need to connect power to the Bluetooth transmitter, but if that’s the case, you can use an open port on the projector for USB power. MULTIMEDIA CONNECTION —Interface includes HDMI/ USB/ VGA/ AV/ Micro SD Card/ Audio Out 3.5mm. It may mean that you can forego a complicated wiring setup that would otherwise drive your install price up. Luckily, I saw this product when it had a lightning deal so it was a little... For a couple of months, I have looked around for the right projector in replacement of a TV- that isn't too expensive but the quality is still good. Turn on the projector and select the HDMI port you are using. What is the best cheap 1080p projector on Amazon? Well, the first simplest place to check would be the product page with your projector’s manufacturer. You can connect to computer via VGA jack and hook up to headphone, outer speakers using the audio port. On the downside, like many ELEPHAS products, this one is quite noisy. Use the WeMax Dice projector as a second monitor to get more productivity out of your day. I have been looking for a projector for so long that comes under my budget and also fulfill all he requirements. Not Recommended for business presentation. LG Ultra Short Throw LED Home Theater Projector (on Amazon), TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver.

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