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why is venus hotter than mercury

2 Dic. 2020

Venus imaged by Magellan Image Credit: NASA/JPL Venus is much further from the Sun, orbiting at a distance of more than 108 million kilometers. Mercury, along with many of the other planets, has none of these features. Mercury sure is hot, but Venus is hotter. Why is Venus so hot? So - it's CO2 but it's a lot of Venus is hotter than Mercury despite being further away from the Sun. This temperature anomaly is primarily due to atmospheric differences on the two planets and the ability of the Venusian atmosphere to act as a “trap” for the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Follow: Enter our latest competition Competition / News Win a Christmas bundle worth over £1,500! The atmospheric composition is 96.5 per cent carbon dioxide. This means that Venus is even hotter than Mercury. The carbon dioxide in Venus’ atmosphere prevents the heat from escaping. 31. Why is chocolate toxic to dogs? Mercury does not have an atmosphere, so it will not retain as much heat, but since it's close to the sun Mercury has a thin layer of atmosphere which doesn't keep the heat inside so this is why Venus is hotter than Mercury. Why is Venus hotter than Mercury? 16-07-2019 23:21 tmiddles (3518) Why is Venus so much hotter than Mercury. Venus' atmospheric CO2 concentration is about 2,500 times that of the Earth. However, because of its proximity to the sun it lacks an atmosphere. Venus has a very thick atmosphere which traps the heat. 129 19-12-2019 17:10 I don't believe CO2 makes air hotter because I don't see any experimental proof 5 09-10-2019 03:15 The only straw the Church of 88 But why is Venus so hot? Why is Venus more hotter than Mercury , when Mercury is more close to Sun than Venus? Mercury *Has a thin atmosphere *Has all the same gases as Venus but very little carbon dioxide *Does not have poison clouds that trap heat *Mercury's night last for about 88 days which lets heat cool off *Mercury … Source(s): Wikipedia The greenhouse effect of Venus' atmosphere makes Venus hotter than Mercury. Venus is hotter than Mercury?!? That's also why Venus is hotter than the Earth. Venus is hotter than Mercury is because it has an atmosphere made of carbon dioxide and massive volcanic activity. Venus IS hotter than Mercury. More Info : Although Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, Venus is actually the hottest planet in the Solar System. Why is the surface temperature of Venus hotter than Mercury’s? In fact, down at the surface of Venus it’s hot enough to melt lead. The answer to it lies in the fact that Venus … This is what makes it so hot there. Even though Venus is further from the sun, it's hotter than Mercury, the result of a killer greenhouse effect. Why can't you say Venus is hotter than Mercury because Venus got CO2? Without special protection, a visitor to Venus would die instantly – crushed by the immense air pressure, suffocated by the atmosphere, burned to a crisp by the scorching heat, and dissolved by the acid. … Unlike the other planets in our solar system, Venus spins clockwise on its axis. Venus's extremely thick atmosphere insulates it. B. Venus is larger than Mercury. The average temperature of Venus is 864 … is venus hotter than mercury, ... preferred destination, which included Venus. 0 0 Zirp Lv 7 2 months ago you mean when Mercury is closer to the sun. September 18, 2010, maureen, 1 Comment Why Is Venus Hotter Than Mercury? 2 See answers Answers 3silverbullets Beginner This is a great question! Why is Venus's surface hotter than Mercury's? Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can all be seen with the unaided eye. On average Venus is over 30 Degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) hotter than Mercury’s max temperature, which is pretty darn insane when you consider it’s 108 million km away from the Sun compared to Mercury’s 58 million km. Mercury is closer but because it has a very thin or no atmosphere at all Mercury, on the other hand, has no atmosphere and so the planet can cool itself by emitting infrared radiation. Why is Venus's surface hotter than Mercury's? Indeed, they found that Mercury was the planet closest to the Earth for the most time, on average—and to every other Solar System planet. Venus is hotter than Mercury because its atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide, which traps the heat. … Venus is the second brightest natural object in the night sky after the C. Venus is closer to the Sun. Another feature of Venus is that all Because of the Greenhouse Effect on Venus, the surface temperature is regulated by the trapped infrared energy which cannot escape back into space to balance what it receives from the Sun as is the case for Mercury. B) Clouds in Mercury's atmosphere reflect sunlight back into space and keep its surface cool. Which planet is hottest, Venus or Mercury? Why Is Venus Hotter Than Mercury? The mapping of Venus Why is Venus hotter than Mercury? Asked by: Akil Answer Mercury is closest to the sun, this is true. The surface temperature of Mercury is completely regulated by its closeness to the Sun and is about 430 C ( 806 F) at local Noon. D. Venus rotates What is oenology? Many would insist that mercury is the hottest planet in the solar system because it is closer to the sun.in the solar system because it is closer to the sun. The atmosphere, the gaseous layer surrounding a planet, is like a blanket. Venus is hotter than Mercury because it has a much thicker atmosphere. Why is Venus the hottest planet even though Mercury is closer to the sun? a. Venus rotates more slowly, so it "bakes" more in the Sun's heat b. Clouds in Mercury's atmosphere reflect sunlight back into space and keep its surface cool c. Carbon dioxide in And Venus' temperature is about 15.25 times higher than the Earth's. Venus is hotter than Mercury because of its atmosphere, which applies a greenhouse effect that collects the heat from the sun. You might have heard that Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System. Firstly Venus is a lot bigger than mercury and Venus' atmosphere is mostly made up of carbon dioxide which blocks heat from escaping, allegedly this is the same reason why our planet is warming up. Mercury being much closer to the Sun. In fact, Venus’ atmosphere is so thick that if you were to stay there, you would constantly experience an atmospheric pressure of around 93 times greater than … A. The extreme temperature of Venus can be attributed to the thick atmosphere it boasts. A) Venus rotates more slowly, so it "bakes" more in the Sun's heat. typically what's found online This is …

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